Wowza.  Those shoes, those blouses , me oh my.

Just one listen is all it took to decide..yes..let’s cover that!  

Oh the Place we all could Go…This is the latest Rogers Spot. 

Triple Catchy!

This would be one of our favourites, AND yes, we did this before Clash of Clans!

Romance in the morning is a wonderful thing. No?

Yes…This is our homage to everywhere in Canada. Our latest for the Reverend Tim Horton’s. Hope you like!!


Please Spring, come soon…PLEASE!

Double that jingle up!  

And the catchiest cookie jingle goes to …..

This would be the latest video by Em for the song Ride With The Tide.

Thanks for watching and listening. 

Anyone seeing Red here?  Another Indie Joe concoction from the basements of Brampton. Enjoy

All the way from Victoria, Laura Mitic sings for all.  Pretty sweet. 

An Indie Joe composition here at Silent Joe. 


We been waiting to land this track in a spot for decades. Worth it?

This spot is righteous.

Sometimes It happens in a very different way…have a look.

Brother Lion’s song started from my vacation in jamaica.  Watch the end where then we bring back the video and license $ to him with his family in Kingston, Jamaica.

We brought in Dragonette for this “beauty day in the beauty wood “

Target Canada’s first ever Canadian commercial…and it’s got more syrop and bacon in it than Hockey Night in Canada.